Table of 36 weak psychic abilities

 I want to do something with secret organization criminal psychics in the nearest future and had to come up with/steal a bunch of very situational weak psychic abilities for it. Most of them don't require any rolling, because rolling is cringe. Psychic abilities are a part of you my guy. You can just, like, do them without rolling, yo. But also not do them too much, because we're playin elfgames and you can't be too strong. Yo. Balance. Anyway, psychic abilities. Roll 2d6. Look for the first number on the left, for the other on the top, check the name of your power and ctrl+f it my guy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Mr. Peanut Friendly Favor Hills and Valleys Judgement Chain How It's Made Trailer Trash 2 Zone of Truth Presence True or False I Heard a Rumor... Hypothetical Connections 3 Basically Best Friends Split Screen Mr. Sandman

GLOG class: Goblin Whisperer

  I originally came up with the concept of a Goblin Whisperer as I was playing Ex Novo with the intent of creating locations for the frankenstein of a setting I am currently working on. I presented my idea to Mihau from the Meadows of Reality blog and he suggested I'll make a glog class out of it. I considered it, said that it's too much work and went back to looking through my giant pile of modules and zines looking for more setting bits and a system I would like to use. I eventually decided on making a White Box hack, and, while I was brainstorming ideas for changes I would like to make to the original system, Mihau's words came back to me and I randomly decided to make this GLOG class. Most ideas were stolen from either "Pact" by Wildbow (which is an amazing web novel that you should totally read) and Mihau, whom I barraged with questions for the entire day, while writing this (sorry Mihau ;c). The entire thing was tied together using my terrible writing and